San Rafael, Cerrado Mineiro - Brazil

San Rafael, Cerrado Mineiro - Brazil

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Farmed by Daterra

Process - Natural

Variety - Bourbon

Altitude - 1200 masl

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Milk chocolate and more milk chocolate with a light sweet tangerine acidity.

A creamy natural Brazilian, this is one of the peoples favourites. It's a beautifully balanced coffee with a full bodied mouthfeel. Your tastebuds will remind you of sweet milk chocolate, but it's not overpowering. It's more like a 60% milk chocolate and less like a super sweet Cadbury's dairy milk bar. It also has a soft cocoa butter finish, making it an exciting and more complex coffee to brew. 

The Cerrado, which covers a large area in the states of Goiás and Minas Gerais, is known for its iron-rich soils, rolling hills, and large plateaus. Because of Brazil's distinct seasons — hot, wet summers and dry, cool winters — the flowering and coffee maturation process is invariant, allowing for producers to strip-pic or mechanically harvest, without damaging the next season's crop.

After harvesting, this coffee is put through numerous floatation processes; a gravity table shakes the cherry on a subtle angle so that the denser cherries fall to the lower angle, and the dryer cherries stay at the top. The cherries are then placed on patios or raised beds to dry.