A beautifully refined citrus acidity and sweet tropical fruits in this rare lot by Olinka Velez.

It's rare to find coffees such as this from Ecuador. The quality of this lot combine with such precise carbonic macerated processing is very unique indeed.

Olinka Velez is renowned for producing lots used in competitions around the world. We’re fortunate to have a small amount of her Typica Mejorado varietal.


Producers Notes

The first step after carefully hand-picking the cherries was to place them inside fermentation tanks where they went through an extended carbonic maceration for 11 days. After this, the cherries were pulped and washed. The extended fermentation leaves the parchment with a red colour.

A slow drying process takes place after washing, where the coffee is constantly turned for an even dry and monitored so the moisture reaches the desired level. Lastly, a very important period of stabilisation takes place, where the parchment coffee is left inside GrainPro bags in a temperature and moisture controlled room for 6 to 8 weeks until the moisture content is stable.

Production Data

Produced by Olinka Velez

Region - Sozoranga, Loja

Grown at 1350 - 1600 masl

Varietal - Typica Mejorado

Harvest - January 2022

Process - Washed carbonic maceration

Resting Coffee

Carbon dioxide is a result of chemical reactions taking place throughout the roasting process. The gas becomes caught up within the core of the bean and will release over time. When it comes to brewing coffee, carbon dioxide will lead to the formation of carbonic acid, a sharp and unpleasant flavour in the cup.

We recommend ordering whole beans and keeping the coffee sealed in it's bag for a minimum of 14 days before espresso brewing or at least 7 days for filter brewing.