A characterful red grape sweetness produced by Fernando Adarme.

We are interested in exploring Colombian coffees that shine new light on this wonderful coffee producing country. This crisp washed Colombian is a clean, easy drinking example from the Aponte coffee region.

This coffee from the Adarme family is proof that implementing good practices at origin with attention to quality can produce exciting washed Colombians time and time again.


Producers Notes

Fernando is a member of La Cooperativa de Cafe Especiales de Narino, and has been growing coffee for 25 years.

Cherries were picked at Finca La Laguna following a strict ripeness criteria, then exposed to a 36hr fermentation inside Grainpro bags. Later, the coffee was gently washed and placed on raised beds under shade for 13 days until the ideal 11% moisture content was achieved.

Production Data







Fernando Adarme

Aponte, Narino

2000-2050 masl


March 2021


Resting Coffee

Carbon dioxide is a result of chemical reactions taking place throughout the roasting process. The gas becomes caught up within the core of the bean and will release over time. When it comes to brewing coffee, carbon dioxide will lead to the formation of carbonic acid, a sharp and unpleasant flavour in the cup.

We recommend keeping your coffee sealed in it's bag for a minimum of 21 days before espresso brewing or at least 7 days for filter brewing.