A complex & creamy Brazilian lot produced by Carlos Behrend.

This lot is a fresh crop from Carlos' most recent harvest. We have been anticipating the arrival of this coffee for some time after sampling some delicious lots from this farm.

We are impressed by the complexity in this low acidity, nutty and chocolatey Brazil - making for an exciting and versatile coffee to work with accross all brew methods. We hope you enjoy.


Producers Notes

The history of the family of Carlos Walter Behrend in the coffee industry began in 1936. Carlos’s father Heiz Behrend, came from Germany to Brazil and settled in Rolândia Paraná. In that region, he initially worked as a settler on the coffee estates of the region. Later, as a fair cropper. In 1946 he planted his first hectares of coffee. In 1975 due to the frost, Heiz Behrend lost all of his new crop in Parana. As a reaction to this loss, in 1977 he moved further north and acquired Fazenda Bom Jardim and in the Patrocínio region.

Despite his father purchasing the land in Patrocinio, his son Carlos remained in the Paraná region exercising his profession of agronomist. In the year 1990, Carlos moved to Patrocínio to take over Fazenda Macaúbas, a property that had been bought recently by his father. In this property he established himself in the Cerrado region. The tradition continues with his son Rodrigo Mello Behrend.

Production Data







Carlos Behrend

Patrocinio, Minas Gerais

890 masl


September 2021


Resting Coffee

Carbon dioxide is a result of chemical reactions taking place throughout the roasting process. The gas becomes caught up within the core of the bean and will release over time. When it comes to brewing coffee, carbon dioxide will lead to the formation of carbonic acid, a sharp and unpleasant flavour in the cup.

We recommend keeping your coffee sealed in it's bag for a minimum of 21 days before espresso brewing or at least 7 days for filter brewing.