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Gisheke, Rwanda

Gisheke, Rwanda

Our first ever natural Rwandan lot, produced by smallholders at Muraho Trading Co. Sweet red apples and dates.
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Complex, juicy red apples and dates.


Espresso and filter.


Before brewing, rest beans for a minimum of 7 days for filter and 14 days for espresso.

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A new experience.

This is our very first time working with a natural Rwandan lot and we are very excited to share it with you.

Our partners, Raw Material, work alongside Muraho Trading Co to help increase the quality of their production, achieve a higher price for the coffee and introduce them to new markets.

This specific lot stood out to us on the cupping table for its layered, sticky character and red apple sweetness. We were also thrilled to select a natural Rwandan, having purchased washed Rwandans over the last few years.

The Producer

Located in the Nyamasheke District, the station overlooks Lake Kivu, with almost 40% of the cherries received at Gisheke coming by boat from Mushungwe Island. All of the cherries from the neighbouring islands are delivered by boat to Gisheke, which is only accessible by water.

All cherry is hand-sorted before a pre-pulp float, underripe or damaged cherry is removed, along with any foreign objects. Cherry is then floated in pre-pulping tanks removing any floaters and later pulped. Once the cherry is sorted and cleaned, it is ready to be dried.

The cherries are laid out evenly across raised beds, providing consistent airflow, and height away to prevent moisture and animals coming into contact with the cherry. The cherry is dried for 30 days, turned constantly when the sun is high and covered during the night. Once the cherry has dried, the now dried outer fruit is removed, and the coffee beans are ready to be organised for packing.

  • Production Data

    Produced by Muraho Trading Co Smallholders
    Region - Nyamasheke District
    Grown at 1500 - 1750 masl
    Varietal - Red Bourbon
    Harvest - July 2022
    Process - Natural

  • Natural Process

    Natural coffees (also referred to as sun-dried or dry-processed coffees) are dried in the fruit that surrounded them when they grew. With the natural process, after the cherry has been picked it is laid out on patios or drying tables.

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