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Shyira, Rwanda

Shyira, Rwanda

Classy red currant acidity and vanilla sweetness in this lot by Nyamasheke smallholders.
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Crisp acidity, light and juicy body.


Recommended for all brewing methods.


Before brewing, rest beans for a minimum of 7 days for filter and 14 days for espresso.

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Our partnership with Raw Material.

In Rwanda, we work alongside Raw Material, who work with Muraho Trading Co. Shyira is one of a few washing stations operated by Muraho Trading Co. We have had some outstanding lots from its local smallholders this year, this washed anaerobic lot is no exception.

Our partners Raw Material have spent many years at Shyira washing station, improving quality and consistency with every harvest. We were drawn to this lot’s clarity of fruit and bright acidity, hinting at a classic washed Rwandan whilst boasting more depth and complexity from the anaerobic fermentation.

The Producer

Built in 2017, Shyira Washing Station is a station situated at 2000 masl, collecting cherry from neighbouring producers that live between 2000 - 2400 masl. These farms are located in one of the most beautiful areas in Rwanda. With a river running through the base of the station, water access is not an issue.

All cherry is hand-sorted before a pre-pulp float, underripe or damaged cherry is removed, along with any foreign objects. Next, cherry is floated in pre-pulping tanks removing any floaters and then pulped. Coffee is later fermented in dedicated concrete fermentation tanks for an average of 8 hours. During fermentation, parchment is agitated several times through the day by way of ceremonial foot-stomping. This is to encourage lower density parchment to float and to clean any residual mucilage off the parchment.

Once the parchment is separated into grades, it is given a final post-wash rinse. At this point, coffee is then taken to a pre-drying area where the parchment is hand-sorted removing any insect-damaged, discoloured or chipped coffee. Parchment is then laid out to dry where it is turned on a regular basis throughout the day for 30 days.

  • Production Data

    Produced by Nyamasheke smallholders
    Region - Nyamasheke District
    Grown at 1800 - 2000 masl
    Varietal - Red Bourbon
    Harvest - July 2022
    Process - Anaerobic Washed

  • Anaerobic

    Anaerobic fermentation occurs when oxygen is removed from the fermentation chamber. This is done by sealing the intact coffee cherries or the de-pulped cherries in containers with one-way valves and adding water. Coffee ferments for a certain amount of hours before being dried.

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