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Khar Taw Hmi

Khar Taw Hmi

A leading innovator in Myanmar coffee introducing high end varietals to the region: melon sweetness & a nutty finish.
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We taste florals & melon.


Recommended for espresso and filter.


We recommend resting our coffee inside its sealed bag for a minimum of 21 days to enjoy the best results.

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Award winning coffees.

The family led farm, Khar Taw Hmi, lies on the road between Pyin Oo Lwin and Mogok, in Thatkan Village. Operations are led by U San Wan who continues to innovate with different shade tree species, fertilisation & drip irrigation systems.

This lot is a Geisha, a renowned varietal originally collected from Ethiopian forests in the 1930s. The varietal was taken to Costa Rica in the 1950’s, when CATIE discovered the plant was resistant to leaf rust.

U San Wan is a leading figure in the Myanmar speciality coffee industry, winning national quality awards for coffees grown on Khar Taw Hmi.

The Producer

U San Wan plays a role in Myanmar Coffee Association, while running his farm with help from family, local agronomists, and many local workers. An on-site processing facility was crafted to have more control of quality. 
After harvesting only fully ripe cherries, floaters are removed and the coffee is moved to raised beds. The harvest is then hand sorted as they dry in the sun, turning hourly in the day and covering then at night to avoid reintroducing moisture from dew. After 18-21 days of drying, cherries will reach 12% moisture content and be ready for the next stage.

  • Production Data

    Produced by U San Wan
    Region - Pyin Oo Lwin
    Grown at 1158 masl
    Varietal - Geisha
    Harvest - February 2023
    Process - Natural

  • Natural

    Ripe cherries are dried whole commonly on patio’s, drying beds or even the bare earth allowing the bean to ferment naturally encased by its fruit.

    The cherries are turned regularly to reduce the risk of defects and ensure even drying.

    Once the cherries resemble raisins and the target parameters are met the coffee is hulled and sorted in the dry mill.

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