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A unique anaerobic natural process, utilising inoculating yeasts to enhance the natural expression: tropical fruits & a nutty finish.

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We taste tropical fruits & pecan.


Recommended for espresso and filter.


We recommend resting our coffee inside its sealed bag for a minimum of 21 days to enjoy the best results.

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Unique processing.

The Eldorado farm in Brazil represents a fourth-generation family estate. We've chosen a Catucai varietal grown by Jean Faleiros on his farm in the Alta Mogiana region.

This particular coffee was sourced through Green Coffee Brazil, a company founded by our friend Leo, dedicated to providing access to high-quality Brazilian coffee.

Our selected lot underwent a meticulous anaerobic natural process, with added inoculating yeasts that enhance the coffees natural expression. This process has revealed tropical fruit sweetness and a nutty finish.

The Producer

At Eldorado, a diverse range of coffees are cultivated, from high-volume lots to micro lots, with an increasing focus on the specialty market in recent years.

The anaerobic fermentation process used here is akin to techniques employed in winemaking and brewing for beer. Cherries are harvested and placed in barrels with inoculating yeasts for fermentation, during which careful controls optimise the fermentation process. After this stage, the cherries undergo the typical natural processing method at Eldorado.

  • Production Data

    Produced by Jean Vilhena Faleiros
    Region - Alta Mogiana
    Grown at 1100 - 1200 masl
    Varietal - Catucai
    Harvest - May 2023
    Process - Anaerobic Natural

  • Anaerobic Natural

    Whole cherries are placed inside grain pro bags or containers and all oxygen is expelled.

    They’re then left to ferment for a desired amount of time at a certain temperature, depending on the producers unique protocol.

    Once the specific fermentation has been reached the coffee follows a natural process procedure, the increased control over fermentation leads to a bright clean cup profile.

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