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The vast Yunnan mountains overlook Li & Nanuo’s diverse farm: tart rhubarb acidity & complex sugar.

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We taste rhubarb & butterscotch.


Recommended for espresso and filter.


We recommend resting our coffee inside its sealed bag for a minimum of 21 days to enjoy the best results.

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Award winning farm.

The award winning Fuyan farm is located on a mountain range in Menglian, China. The farm is operated by husband and wife team, Li Guangyun & Nanuo, who produce some of the best coffees in the region.

We have been enjoying this naturally processed lots tart rhubarb acidity and a butterscotch sweetness.

The Producer

The Fuyan farm and washing station is managed by Li & Nanuo. The consistency upheld on Fuyan is a result of the close relationship with villagers in the area who harvest and deliver cherries to the wet mill. Alongside Coffee production, Fuyan also produces 7 tons of speciality grade tea each year.

A defining feature of the farm is the prevalence of other agricultural activities, with a range of animals & herbs.

The ripest cherries are picked, then laid on beds to dry in the Chinese sun. The harvest is then turned regularly until the ideal moisture content is reached.

  • Production Data

    Produced by Li & Nanuo
    Region - Menglian
    Grown at 1600 - 1700 masl
    Varietal - Catimor
    Harvest - December 2022
    Process - Natural

  • Natural

    Ripe cherries are dried whole commonly on patio’s, drying beds or even the bare earth allowing the bean to ferment naturally encased by its fruit.

    The cherries are turned regularly to reduce the risk of defects and ensure even drying.

    Once the cherries resemble raisins and the target parameters are met the coffee is hulled and sorted in the dry mill.

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