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La Divisa

La Divisa

Introducing Sebastian Gomez, a pioneering young producer from northern Quindio: blood orange acidity & cream.

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We taste blood orange & cream.


Recommended for espresso and filter.


We recommend resting our coffee inside its sealed bag for a minimum of 21 days to enjoy the best results.

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A pioneering producer.

With a family legacy rooted in coffee, Sebastian's father, John, has owned La Divisa for three decades, purchasing it in 1995. Sebastian's own journey into coffee began in 2014 upon returning to Colombia, taking over the farm.

We selected a refined Pink Bourbon varietal, that underwent a washed process, involving underwater fermentation. This lot promotes a blood orange acidity and a vanilla sweetness.

The Producer

Sebastian, a young farmer, collaborates with his wife on La Divisa. A decade ago, Sebastian spearheaded a shift from prioritising quantity to quality.

This coffee was harvested following strict ripeness criteria, floated and hand-sorted to remove defects. Cherries then undergo a 30 hour underwater fermentation before being pulped.

Following this, the parchment is gently washed and dried under carefully controlled temperatures.

  • Production Data

    Produced by Sebastian Gomez
    Region - Circasia, Quindio
    Grown at 1700 - 1800
    Varietal - Pink Bourbon
    Harvest - October 2023
    Process - Washed

  • Washed

    Ripe cherries are washed and then pulped to remove the majority of skin and fruit from the bean before its fermented.

    Fermentation is brief and helps to remove any remaining material from the pulping process as well as adding complexity to the coffee.

    The coffee is then washed and sun-dried, mechanically dried, or a combination of the two until the desired moisture level is reached.

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