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Santa Colomba

Santa Colomba

Innovative farming practices fostering quality and environmental stewardship: ripe fruits & mellow citrus acidity.
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Layered, creamy and bodied.


Recommended for all brewing methods.


We recommend resting our coffee inside its sealed bag for a minimum of 21 days to enjoy the best results.

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Introducing Daterra.

Daterra is a farm that seems to continually be at the forefront of innovation in Brazil and is renowned for its high quality lots. We have been looking forward to working with Daterra for a while now, and to start we have selected a lot from Daterra’s classic range.

The Pascoal family are pushing boundaries in many aspects of coffee production, much of which we will share with you as we begin to explore the vast range of coffees they export. This lot from their classic range is complex and layered, perfectly kickstarting our offering from the Pascoal’s farm, Daterra.

The Producer

At the forefront of Daterra’s vision is excellence in environmental and economic sustainability, and of course excellence in quality. This vision has seen them become the first rainforest certified farm in Brazil protecting 3500 hectares of forest, carbon negative and becoming the first B-corp coffee farm in the world.

Daterra operate an organic farm on site and use the produce they grow to provide meals for their workers. They work with reusable pouches for their coffee and regular filtered water taps that help to reduce plastic consumption. We look forward to growing our partnership with Daterra and sharing their lots with you.

  • Production Data

    Produced by Luis Pascoal
    Region - Cerrado
    Grown at 1220 masl
    Varietal - Mixed
    Harvest - August 2022
    Process - Natural

  • Natural Process

    Natural coffees (also referred to as sun-dried or dry-processed coffees) are dried in the fruit that surrounded them when they grew. With the natural process, after the cherry has been picked it is laid out on patios or drying tables.

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