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Seasonal Subscription

Seasonal Subscription

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Recommended for all brewing methods.


Free UK shipping, coffee information booklet every send, 15% off our coffee range, brewing guides & full control over your subscription to pause or cancel anytime.

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This month’s coffees

Every month, we select two coffees to feature in our subscription.

Kerinci, Indonesia

This months single subscription coffee comes from the Kerinci farm in Sumatra. Our second year working with the KBB Co-op after being impressed with last years harvest. This year we have a Andung Sari & Sigarar Utang varietal that underwent a natural process.

The Koerintji Barokah Bersama Cooperative is made up of over 320 members who reside and farm on the side of Mount Kerinci. Under the guidance of Triyono, who manages the cooperative, the members are guided in the processing of their own coffee. We are thrilled to see such innovative processing coming out of Indonesia.

Eldorado, Brazil

In June the 2 and 4 box subscriptions include a Catucai from Eldorado.

The Eldorado farm in Brazil represents a fourth-generation family estate. We've chosen a Catucai varietal grown by Jean Faleiros on his farm in the Alta Mogiana region. At Eldorado, a diverse range of coffees are produced, from high-volume lots to micro lots, with an increasing focus on the specialty market in recent years.

Our selected lot underwent a meticulous anaerobic natural process, with added inoculating yeasts that enhance the coffees natural expression. This process has revealed tropical fruit sweetness and a nutty finish.