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Seasonal Subscription

Seasonal Subscription

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This month’s coffees

Every month, we select two coffees to feature in our subscription.

Las Flores, Colombia

Whilst on our recent trip to Colombia visiting our partner producers with Cofinet, we got to know Johan Vergara, a young and talented producer.

We were very impressed with the quality of his lots and this Tabi in particular stood out for its clarity and complexity. Johan is in his early twenties, and produces most of the coffees here at Las Flores.

Yiwu, China

Tian Cai is an inspirational and talented coffee producer who is personally invested in both the people and the land. His exceptional work has lead to producing some of the best Chinese specialty coffees we’ve tasted; complex, bright and full of character.

We are proud to be working with him and the rest of the Yunnan Coffee Traders team to bring these wonderful coffees to a wider audience. Our partners at Indochina have worked in partnership with YCT since they first began importing coffees to the UK in 2016, and this is our second time working with this particular lot.