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Seasonal Subscription

Seasonal Subscription

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Recommended for all brewing methods.


Free UK shipping, coffee information booklet every send, 15% off our coffee range, brewing guides & full control over your subscription to pause or cancel anytime.

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This month’s coffees

Every month, we select two coffees to feature in our subscription.

Grutta, Brazil

This months single subscription coffee comes from the Daterra farm, who are at the forefront of Brazilian coffee.

The Pascoal family are pushing the boundaries in many aspects of coffee production. Including their UNIPAC system, developed on Daterra, sorting cherries for natural processing according to floatation, screen size and maturation level.

This natural process from Daterra is a fine example of the farms quality, with dark chocolate and rich dried fruit.

Chelbesa, Ethiopia

A quality lot from Chelbesa is included in the February 2 and 4 box subscriptions.

This Heirloom was cultivated by around 500 local farmers, delivering their cherries to the central mill. This lot was nourished by the red brown soil it was grown on, which is particularly fertile, rich in iron and has high acidity content.

Chelbesa finely displays the Ethiopian cup profile, with delicate florals & a blueberry sweetness.